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Together As One

Education succeeds when it helps you find yourself. What makes you authentic.It’s not merely the passing on of information, it’s about empowerment.At ‘Iolani, we equip the next generation to take on the challenges of an uncertain future. We believe true learning requires real connection.We are constantly challenging ourselves.It is here in this place together where we begin.

We are empowered.
We are ‘IOLANI.
Together as one.

news & event

2019年12月18日 Woodside Priory School 学校説明会 予約受付中!

ウッドサイド学校説明会 at 六本木ヒルズ …

2019年11月8・9日 Future Education主催 ‟ママフェス” 予約受付中!



3月27・28・29日、4月1・2・3日 六…